The Girl Who Lived With Fairies

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  1. Hi Kyra,
    I first want to say that I really love the layout of your Storybook! It adds a level of creativity to it that just further helps show what the story will be like especially the music you added. Reading the introduction while listening to the music draws in the reader and makes them feel like they are apart of it. I also really love how you made it sparkle when the mouse is being moved around. Now on to the actual introduction writing, you are really great at writing stories. I love learning about the Fae so, I will be definitely revisiting your storybook. I am also writing about a banshee in my storybook and it is a creature you mentioned. The story of Evie in the introduction sounds very interesting. Will there be other main fae characters for each chapter or will the story be based all around Evie?

  2. Hello Kyra!
    I really like the layout of your storybook! I'll admit I spent a few minutes just playing around with the mouse to see the cool effects haha. The music was a nice touch as well. I felt as if I was in a medieval tavern or something, listening to tales from weary travelers from far far away.

    I really like how you are approaching these stories. Normally when I think of elves, fairies, and other mythical creatures it is in a happy context. (Like Tinker Bell). I really like the darker theme you are going with this. Not only is Evie involved with dark magic, but with Lucifer himself! I look forward to seeing how he reacts when Evie does not give him the baby. I’m sure he will not be happy!

  3. Hi Kyra! First off I absolutely fell in love with moving my mouse around the screen and fairy dust flying around. Such a cool trick that I was very impressed by. Second, huge plot twist with Evie bargaining and then sleeping with the devil. This story had a very different ending than what I thought it would be from the beginning which is nice! I wonder what Lucifer will do when Evie denies him a baby. Will he become violent? Will he kill the baby? You have me on the edge of my seat!

  4. Hi Kyra!!

    I absolutely love the layout of your website. I was so taken aback when I saw it mostly because I wasn't ready for all the cool effects you had. The little mouse stars were beautiful and really gave your website that fairy touch. I also loved the music because it made everything feel so at home. It truly was such an experience and made reading about it so enjoyable! You've added in so much detail to your story on the intro page that you made this story sound so believable. I wonder what will happen when the law is broken? Who might suffer the consequences and how your story will develop with Lucifer and Evie, and how the baby will be affected after all of this! I also wonder if the baby will grow up in the story and possibly become a super strong fairy? I can't wait to read more.

  5. Hey Kyra,
    I was just absolutely mesmerized by the layout of your portfolio. I sat there and dragged my mouse cursor around your page for a few minutes before even reading the story. I would say that your website is a bit distracting to the readers. Lol, I am totally kidding, this website is just simply amazing and a lot of fun and I would like to thank you for that. The background music was also soothing and put everything into one piece. Your story about banshee was very enjoyable to read and I'd love to see how the story unfolds as everything is so unexpected. I will be revisiting to read to see how the story unfolds for Lucifer and everything else. Thank you for a great read! Everything looks phenomenal!

  6. Hi Kyra!
    Let me just say that I audibly gasped when I say the sparkles that follow the cursor! These are the times when I wish I was better with a computer and web designing. Dark faerie and fae stories are among my favorite, or really just any magical stories. As soon as I learned about Evie, I was instantly hooked! The two POVs of the two main characters gives more detail and interest in the story. I also like the mini descriptions Evie gives of the surrounding lands when she grows restless in the Flower Meadows. I wonder if Arias ever felt longing for his true home, or does he only wish to conquer it? I'm excited to see the development of these two characters!

  7. Hi Kyra, your storybook is very well done! I love the creativity of your site design—the fairy dust coming from the mouse, the music, and the map all tie everything together. I can tell you put a lot of thought into the details. The introduction set up the context for the rest of the storybook really well since it was almost like chapter 1 of the story itself, and it really drew me in as a reader. It's really interesting to read a story with so many sources of inspiration, from Lucifer to Disney princesses. You might want to think about adding some background information on the mythical creatures. I was specifically wondering about changelings and what they are. You could also talk about your inspiration for the character names (other than Giselle) in the author's notes. I'm intrigued by the idea in the author's note of the opposite powers of Giselle and Arias potentially attracting, and I'm curious to see what direction you will take that theme. For the story itself, I appreciate how creative, descriptive, and well-edited it is. My only suggestion would be maybe adding a physical description for prince Arias, since I liked the one for Giselle and they seem like equally important characters. Really great job!

  8. Hi Kyra!
    Okay, first of all, I must admit that I spent like five minutes playing with the glitter falling from the mouse icon. I am pretty sure that you are the only person who has included music in their Storybook! It really brought something to your project. It is so cool that you made the map yourself! Did you draw any inspiration from the Grimm Brother’s fairytales? You seem to be going for a darker tone than what most people would think of when they think of fairytales. Alright, I just found your Author’s Note and it says that you based the elf village of the elves in the Grimm Brother’s fairytales. Your images for this Storybook, are fantastic. Your Storybook is amazing! I can definitely tell that you put a lot of effort into this and that you are very passionate about what you are doing. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  9. OMG Kyra!

    I think it is so unique that you chose to use Tumblr as your blog format. I actually don't think anyone else in the class did that and I wonder if it was because of the mouse tracker, or if you are just proficient with Tumblr in the first place. I like the addition of music to your storybook it makes it feel so mystical. I also love that you included markers for when the songs change. Also I feel like your author's note is so detailed and helpful for people when reading these stories, I feel like I am able to kind of see into your mind when you created these stories. I also love that you have given a description of each of the types of creatures and what their role is in the storybook! Your stories coming only from your imagination and some inspiration from your real life! Your dialogue is so well written and I think you have a great vision for what you want from your storybook! I think you have done a really good job here and you have a great vision for what you want to do going forward!

  10. Hi Kyra!

    First I must say that I love the details in your website! The sparkles that appear when you move the mouse and the songs that go with the stories... AMAZING! It really makes your project stand out and the experience of reading it very enjoyable! ESPECIALLY the switch to the song Arias.. the suspense!!

    The rest of my note is going to focus on your author's note for chapter 1. I think your story did a great job immersing the reader into this world! Your introduction set everything up so nicely that hopping right into the story here just works so well! I also love the split between perspectives and how drastic the song choices are for each character-they really are total opposites and it works together nicely.

    I think it's super helpful that you included a little bit of information in your author's note about the mythical celtic creatures you'll be discussing in your storybook, and how you recreated them in this chapter!

  11. Hi Kyra!
    I’m from the Indian Epics class, and this is the first time I’m reading the work of someone from Myth and Folklore. And let me tell you, it was amazing!!! Your title intrigued me. Was it because I just finished The Crown Prince by Holly Black and saw fairies in your title, so I literally jump on it? I guess we’ll never know! I think your story came directly from a book; it is well written! I was so immersed. Moreover, your author’s notes are really helpful and detailed.
    You did your storybook on Tumblr?! It brings back some old memories (((: I love what you did with the cursor, it gives an enchanting, magical touch.
    Your website is clear and easy to navigate. I love your home page and how you have presented your work. The music player is such a good idea; it gives each page a unique and creative touch. I wanted to do something like that for my website, but it’s impossible on google site so ),:
    Thanks for your stories; I really enjoyed them!

  12. Hi Kyra! Really great job on your storybook! I love the music choices and how you found a platform that lets you incorporate it seamlessly into your story (Google Sites is severely lacking when it comes to this imo). The map you created, the various creatures, and complicated family dynamics all give me Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones vibes which makes the story that much more enjoyable. As a reader, I feel super immersed in the world you've built! I love the star-crossed premise for Giselle and Arias and am now intrigued to see what will happen to them next. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hey Kyra, I'm back! I loved your third story because we got to see Giselle and Arias spend time together, making Arias slowly forget his initial motives. You've also done such a great job adding to the world you've created. I really liked the imagery you included when describing the different areas like Mushroom Forest and Flower Meadow. Pollen painting and petal gliding seem like really fun and cute activities that fit in so well to the fairy lore. Again, great job on your storybook!

  13. Hey Kyra!
    It's me again leaving another comment on your stories! When I first read the introduction awhile ago, I knew it was gonna get good and I wasn't wrong! I really like you incorporation of music into your project! It adds so much to the atmosphere and I feel so much more involved! It was smart to make your project on this platform and now I wish I did too! Google sites is easy to use but it just doesn't give me as much creative freedom as I see here. I really like the dynamics between all the characters and I think this would be a great book! I know you like writing so maybe you should publish it sometime? I'm sure it would be a hit!

  14. Hello Krya!
    Wow! This is the first storybook I've seen using the Tumblr platform and it looks really nice. That is so cool that you made your own map! I like the tunes bar and choice of music to accompany the reading. Very nice touch. Thank you for the breakdown in Chapter One author's note of some Celtic creatures and why you included them in your story. Good job on linking to outside sources for context and additional reading and varying the color/denoting links with an underline. The paragraph formatting in your stories is great and really aids in the flow of the reading and differentiating which character is speaking. I don't have any suggestions as this blog looks to be very refined! Good job and keep up the work for Chapter 3!!

  15. Hi Kyra! I love your storybook. This is the second project where I've seen someone incorporate audio, and I'm so impressed by it. I'm kicking myself for not thinking of doing that on mine! I also really like the sparkles when you move the curser. I'd be lying if I didn't say I played around with it for awhile. Your stories are also great. I love reading about faeries, so I was drawn to your project. Your writing is fantastic, and I'm eager to read what happens in Chapter 3

  16. Hi Krya! It's me again! I wanted to come back and comment on your final project because I loved your first part of your story so much! The audio aspect of your story was very unique and it went right along with your fairy-like story. Your author's notes were very helpful in determining where your story originated. I was trying to figure out what story this was like from our readings, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn most of this story originated from you! It takes a lot of creativity to come up with something as fictional as you did, and you did an amazing job with the style and structure of your website. Was this your first time doing something like this? Because you did a lot more than I was able to! My hat's off to you Kyra and great job with your story portfolio this semester!

  17. Hi Kyra! Your storybook is an amazing work of art, and I had a great time reading it from start to finish. Your design and layout for the website is amazing! I love the small details you have added, like the little effects following the mouse cursor, and the music player at the top of the page. Your page is the first one I've seen created on tumblr, which sets it apart from all the other portfolios I've read. Both the aesthetic and layout were well done. Your introduction was super well written and I was able to easily visualize and picture the environment and setting for the whole story. Every chapter you wrote was riveting and didn't feel like you were forcing yourself to write it, and I felt like I was reading a real novel. You did an amazing job with your portfolio. Thank you for writing such an amazing story!


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